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💪 Powerful Features

From database management to payment processing, customer account management and more, Nextbase has all the tools you need.

Users and Authentication

Nextbase comes with a built-in authentication system that allows you to create users and manage their permissions. You can also use third-party authentication providers like Auth0, Firebase, and more.

Social Logins

Nextbase supports social logins like Apple,Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Linkedin, Github, Gitlab, Spotify, WorkOS, Zoom, Slack, Notion, KeyCloak, Facebook, BitBucket, Azure and more.

Pre-built components

Nextbase comes with a set of pre-built components that you can use to build your application. You can also create your own components and use them in your application.

React Email configured

Nextbase comes with which you can use to build and send emails to your users. You can configure third-party email providers like SendGrid, Postmark and any providers that ReactEmail supports.

Edge Functions

Nextbase comes with a set of pre-built edge functions that you can use to build your application. You can also create your own edge functions and use them in your application. You can create Edge Functions in both Next.js and Supabase. You can also add Github actions.

User settings

Nextbase comes with a built-in user settings page that allows you to manage your user settings. You can also create your own user settings page and use them in your application.

Upload Media

Nextbase comes with a built-in upload media functions and hooks that allows you to upload media.

Storage Security

The Storage buckets on Supabase are secured with Row Level Security (RLS) built in. This keeps your data secure and private. You can also create your own policies.

Invite team members

You can invite team members easily to your organizations with built-in invite system.


Organizations can be used to organize your end users' work. You can create multiple organizations and invite team members to your organizations. You can define organizations as anything depending on your core product. You can also modify the supabase database to create sub-organizations.

Organization settings

Team members can modify settings of organizations they are part of. Organizations also come with Row Level Security (RLS) built in.

Application Admin Panel

Besides the Supabase Admin Dashboard, Nextbase also comes with its own Admin Panel. You can use this panel to manage your users, organizations, projects and even to debug your application.

Maintenance Mode

Nextbase comes with a built-in maintenance mode that allows you to put your application in maintenance mode. The application becomes read-only (which can be configured selectively on different tables) and you can debug your app in peace.

Impersonate User

When a user reports a difficult bug to debug, you can impersonate the user and debug the issue. This is a great way to debug issues that are hard to reproduce.

Low code Database Management

Supabase comes with a low code database management system that allows you to manage your database. You can create tables, columns, relationships, views, functions and more.

Row Level Security

Row Level Security (RLS) is a powerful feature that allows you to control who can access which data. You can create policies that allow you to control who can access which data.

Secure Admin Functions

Admin functions are secured with permissions. You can create policies that allow you to control who can access which functions.

Integration and Unit Tests

Integration tests are configured with Playwright. Unit tests are configured with Vitest. But you can change both of them. You can write end to end tests to ensure your app function correctly.

Subscriptions and Payments

Stripe is configured with Nextbase. You can use Stripe to accept payments and subscriptions. Organizations can be configured to have subscriptions and payments and you can manage the subscriptions on an organization in the organizatino settings area.

Lifetime Updates

Get access to lifetime updates and new features forever. Nextbase will keep improving and you dont have to worry about upgrading. That is free forever.

Clear Documentation

Nextbase comes with clean and simple to follow documentation. If you find anything missing, however, please reach out to us and will improve the docs!

Clean Typesafe codebase

Nextbase is written in Typescript and is fully typesafe. This means that you avoid many bugs by default. It also comes with a Supabase Type generator configured, which means when your tables get added or updated, your codebase will have the typing updated automatically!

Server Side Rendering

Nextbase comes with server side rendering configured. This means that your application will be fast and SEO friendly. It also comes with Server Components and Layouts configured, which means you can create reusable components and layouts and also optimize data-fetching for your application.

React Query setup built-in

Nextbase comes with React Query configured. You can also any other data fetching library you want. React Query is a great library that allows you to fetch data and cache it. We ❤️ React Query, but you can use anything you want!

Don't reinvent the wheel

Every professional SAAS product requires common features like authentication, billing, and user management. We've built these features into our boilerplate so you can focus on your product.

We love to build products quickly and we built NextBase for ourselves and for the SAAS community to build quality products faster.

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Don't waste time building authentication, settings or payments!

Using NextBase you can launch your SAAS in no time because we give you all of that and more out of the box. Just focus on building your core product.